The Practitioner's Guide To Product Management

The Practitioner’s Guide To Product Management

If you’re new to product management and wondering what it’s all about, or if you’re a product manager shooting for professional success, this book will give you the inside track on starting, developing, and then selling a new product.

5 things you’ll learn from the book

How to find balance

Uncover the blend of social, commercial, and technical skills a successful product manager needs

How to read minds

Learn to distinguish between what your users think they want and what they really need

How to influence

Understand the soft skills you need to influence stakeholders and to lead your product delivery team

How to experiment

Discover how to give your products the best chance of success through continual learning

How to find time

Acquire the time management skills you need to work effectively and still have a life outside work

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What readers are saying

“I think his take on stakeholder management and managing the three different types of sales people saved my sanity … but also set some pretty good habits and expectations of my role.”

Melissa Klemke
Product Director

“This is a great book for Product Managers or those considering a career in Product Management. … It is written in a snappy engaging way, and gives great examples to learn from.”

Lyndsay Denton

“This is the absolute must-have book for product managers. I’ve been a PM for 15 years and have supervised other product managers. It’s required reading for my team.”

Tim H.
Senior Product Manager

“I wish this book was published when I started out in product management. It gives a really wonderful overview of what product management is and involves on a day to day basis.”

Keji Adedeji
Head of Product

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Interview with the author

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