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Recent articles

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Is there a standard product development life cycle?
    by Jock Busuttil on September 18, 2023

    » Success at every life cycle stage hinges on the same challenge: being able to solve problems for your users » Early on, focus on learning about your users and their context and the constraints that affect your problem » Maturity is the most difficult stage for a product, so you have to make the absolute best out of what you have

  • PRODUCTHEAD turns 3 🎂 / The changing realities of product management
    by Jock Busuttil on September 11, 2023

    » In product management, “the basics never change, it’s the more advanced stuff that changes” » Oft-cited company frameworks such as the Spotify model were just a moment in time — everything moves on » When all is changing around you, be an anchor of stability and trust for your team

  • Force multipliers
    by Jock Busuttil on September 6, 2023

    I seek out “force multipliers” to extract multiple benefits from the same work, like my very own workplace fusion reaction. Can you find your own?

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Charting your career path
    by Jock Busuttil on September 4, 2023

    » Early in your career, focus on building one skill at a time » Find out what a company’s really like by meeting a contact there informally before the interview » Practice experts can enjoy a varied career, but may find it harder to work in some domains » As a product leader, what are your identity, superpower, mission and impact?

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Who’s in charge? You or the process?
    by Jock Busuttil on July 31, 2023

    » An inflexible process means working with incomplete information and making the wrong decisions » Treating work as closed-ended projects leads to context switching and discontinuity » A way to increase value in Scrum is to involve the team members in the discovery and strategy work » Respect is not deference; it demands that we challenge each other to be the best we can be

  • 91: How to sharpen up your vision and strategy
    by Jock Busuttil on July 26, 2023

    You can help your company to sharpen up its vision and strategy with these straightforward questions and worked examples.

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Wartime vs peacetime product leadership
    by Jock Busuttil on July 24, 2023

    » Wartime vs peacetime leaders employ different skill sets » Airbnb’s changes to product management could be just what is needed in wartime or equally a retrograde step » Working from home is a particularly polarising debate because it aligns with the leader-employee divide » Discussions about productivity are often a proxy discussion for some other dysfunction

  • PRODUCTHEAD: The value of a drink in the desert
    by Jock Busuttil on July 17, 2023

    » To buy your product, the value users perceive from the product must be greater than its price » The biggest, worst-kept secret of monetisation UX: ask, ask and ask again

  • PRODUCTHEAD: How to align vision, strategy and action
    by Jock Busuttil on July 10, 2023

    » Every decision is a trade-off — deciding what not to do is just as important as deciding what to do » A good product vision captures customer, user, value proposition and links to organisational objectives » Interrogate your goals: “For this to happen, what must be true?”, then mark which are facts or assumptions » Avoid jumping on the first idea — check what problem we think it solves, then ask, “How else could we do this?”

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Defending against ‘Dawn of the Dumb’ product ideas
    by Jock Busuttil on July 3, 2023

    » User and market research is more easily accessible, yet the opinions of senior managers still bias product decisions » Confidence in an idea only truly comes from gathering evidence

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Exploiting inertia for fun and profit
    by Jock Busuttil on June 26, 2023

    » When strategic frames grow rigid, companies, like nations, tend to keep fighting the last war » If organisations (incorrectly) view change as gradual they will have resistance to the change » The innovator’s dilemma: cater to current needs or attempt to anticipate future demands? » Many common financial tools distort the value, importance, and likelihood of success of investments in innovation

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Traditional, SaaS, usage and surge pricing models
    by Jock Busuttil on June 19, 2023

    » Match your product’s units to how your customer measures value » Changing your pricing model regularly needn’t be a bad thing — it just has to be done carefully » With usage-based pricing, help your customers to anticipate their likely costs » Care has to be taken to keep dynamic / surge pricing transparent