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Recent articles

  • PRODUCTHEAD: A deep dive into crowdfunding
    by Jock Busuttil on February 26, 2024

    » “First comes the crowd, then comes the funding.” — Brad Guigar » Done well, a crowdfunding campaign helps with market validation and publicity, as well as raising cash » Make sure you repay your campaign backers’ loyalty, faith, and patience

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Navigating change
    by Jock Busuttil on February 19, 2024

    » Navigating change is hard because we don’t want to be seen as villains » Don’t simply cut-and-paste another company’s organisational model without understanding the context » Consider how the members of your team will understand the change, embrace it, and work through it

  • How do I make my product roadmap a better communication tool?
    by Jock Busuttil on February 14, 2024

    “My product roadmap is not getting the right information across to other people in my company. How can I improve it?”

  • PRODUCTHEAD: In search of deeper alignment
    by Jock Busuttil on February 12, 2024

    » A precursor to alignment is a clear product strategy » Alignment needs you to tell the same story over and over » Creating an assumption map can help to verify whether the team is actually aligned

  • PRODUCTHEAD: What if …?
    by Jock Busuttil on February 5, 2024

    » Scenario analysis frees you to consider how things would be different without limiting constraints » Innovation can occur when challenging received wisdom on what is possible or not » Scenario analysis can also help you to consider alternate strategies in a dynamic market

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Beliefs and uncertainty
    by Jock Busuttil on January 29, 2024

    » In business, certainty tends to be rewarded, even if artificial » Beliefs save cognitive effort and so are difficult to dislodge » The scientific method allows us to constructively try to disprove beliefs » We can retrain ourselves not to associate uncertainty with negative outcomes

  • PRODUCTHEAD: A red team mindset
    by Jock Busuttil on January 22, 2024

    » A red team mindset benefits information gathering, sense-making, decision-taking and planning » Red teaming is similar to ethical hacking, in which a simulated attack uncovers flaws » Consquence scanning is a technique for clarifying intended and unintended effects of your product

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Personal user manuals
    by Jock Busuttil on January 15, 2024

    » Written well, personal user manuals can build psychological safety » However, they can also be abused to excuse certain counter-productive behaviours

  • How can I keep track of all these product metrics?
    by Jock Busuttil on January 10, 2024

    “Juggling all our metric tracking has become increasingly overwhelming. “How do other teams effectively prioritize and process this information?”

  • PRODUCTHEAD: The most popular of 2023
    by Jock Busuttil on December 18, 2023

    » Most read: Choose your own adventure — discussing better product roadmaps » Most clicked: How to sharpen up your vision and strategy — a practical set of prompts and worked examples

  • PRODUCTHEAD: “Hello computer!” — the lure of conversational programming
    by Jock Busuttil on December 11, 2023

    » Conversational programming changes the nature of the developer job, but doesn’t do away with it » Describing needs and context is more valuable than giving instructions or requirements

  • PRODUCTHEAD: Pragmatism is (im)perfectly fine
    by Jock Busuttil on December 4, 2023

    » There are 3 reasons why a discovery should end: 1. It is purely performative 2. Ignored / unknown context 3. Unconnected to value » Everything on your product roadmap should have lots of context that is easy to find